Kamnik-Savinja Alps
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Kamnik-Savinja Alps
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Kamnik-Savinja Alps

The Kamnik-Savinja Alps are a mountain chain in the north of Slovenia, which represents the southeasternmost part of the Alpine arch. In this small territory, both the picturesque landscape and the rich biodiversity of its fauna and flora have been preserved.

The natural treasures of the mountain vegetation, the delightful panoramic views, stunning watrefalls and the crystal clear rivers are complimented by the cultural landscape of lush mountain pastures, unique architecture and the taste of delicious homely fare.


The Kamnik-Savinja Alps are distinguished by a great variety of reliefs, intermittent plateaus and deeply carved valleys of glacial or river origin which are characteristic for the heart of this mountain group. A dense network of marked mountain trails criss-crosses the area of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, leeding hikers and mountaineers to mountain cottages, river springs, mountaintops and various natural and cultural landmarks.

Watersports enthusiasts and adrenalin lovers can enjoy various adventures all year round. 

The area offers many possibilities for road and mountain cycling. The landscape is very dynamic and is especially attractive for more demanding and hardy cyclist. In the beginning of July, many cycling enthusiast come to conquer the famous Alpine Marathon Route which encircles the Kamnik- Savinja Alps. With a length of 130 kilometres and total ascent of 2000 metres, the route has become a true cycling classic in the Alpe-Adria region.

The Kamnik-Savinja Alps are also attractive in the winter, when the nature is resting. The snowy slopes are ideal for tobogganing and skiing, and the white meadows invite you to cross-country ski, skate or snowshoe. There is abundant space here for ski touring, along wioth waterfalls for ice climbers. At every step children can find opportunities for winter fun.


The varied landscape itself offers delightful walks amidst meadows, streams and forests. And on the proper mountain tours, marked and maintained mountain trails lead past Alpine huts.


You may also be drawn by the fun of cycling along remote mountain roads and tracks, or along the more even
roads in the valley.


Charming rivers in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps offer superb angling and flyfishing pleasures.

Mountain climbing

The Kamnik-Savinja Alps offer a wide range of climbing routes of all difficulties that are reachable in summer and winter. During the cold winter months frozen waterfalls and gorges are a real draw for ice climbers.

Winter experiences

The snowy slopes are ideal for tobogganing and skiing, and the white meadows
invite you to cross-country ski, skate or snowshoe. There is abundant space here for ski touring, along with waterfalls for ice climbers.

Stories of cultural heritage

Check out the environmentally adapted Alpine architecture and experience the stories of churches and chapels, castles, high-mountain
farms, herder huts, traditional buildings, museums and exhibitions.

Our stories

Stories of our best people

  • Matevž Lenarčič biologist, Alpinist, paraglider, first to circle the world in an ultralight
  • Marko Prezelj Alpinist, mountain guide and photographer, the only person to receive the Gold Ice Axe Alpinism prize four times
  • Davo Karničar Alpinist and Alpine skier, the first human to complete an uninterrupted ski descent from the top of Mount Everest (Ski Everest 2000) and to ski down the highest peaks of all seven continents (Ski 7 Summits)


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